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  1. So... i was watching a video on you tube (i think thats not advertising...i hope...) and an idea came through my mind.Would anybody agree with a Steam group of EMC?Just a suggestion, i dont know, now lets see what the staff/fellow members think and say...
    Have a nice day!
  2. If there isn't one already, it would be a good idea.
  3. someone does have one, i believe i was invited to it.
  4. Well, one more idea to the rejected list...
  5. Don't think of it as rejected, think of it as:
    "Great minds think alike"
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  6. It's by invite only.
    Invite me? :3 (I'm jtc0999 on steam)
  7. All respect to the staff from now on
  8. ^What he said
    AliceF3 on Steam :p
  9. yeah about that it says i dont have in invit(ation or invite) so cant even request to join
  10. You need to be invited via Steam by IcC, so he knows that everyone in it is from EMC
    As far as I'm aware anyway
  11. Gr...dumb steam rules. Okay, so it only lets me invite by friend list, so request to be a friend first, then let me know who you are on emc via a private message.
  12. Done :p
  13. How did you send him a PM?
    You can only do that if he has accepted your friend request
  14. I was already his friend
    Always prepared :p
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  15. Invites sent.
  16. Ok i'm in....
    Now for step two of the operation.


    Sir, i need your xbox LIVE account name ;)
  17. How come everyone has an Xbox but nobody has a 3DS?
    I don't even own an Xbox, or a playstation for that matter
  18. invite sent, same name as mc in game, wartrex13
  19. :p Lol, I think I have seen the EMC group page before, and haven't been invited to it (plz don't btw, my steam has my real name in it >_<)