How about a trade system?

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Would you use the trade system?

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  1. I'm not sure if an idea like this has been brought up before or not, but what if a trade system was created for EMC. Something similar to the shop system where you use a sign and a chest. You could set it up similarly to the shop system with your name on the first line, the item you want on the second line, the item you are trading on the third line, and I haven't really come up with anything for the fourth line but you see what I mean. This is just a spitball idea and I haven't really thought it through enough to see any flaws yet. Here is an example though just to make it a bit more clear hopefully... Let's say I want 32 wooden planks and I am willing to trade 32 cobblestone for it. You could set it up on a sign as follows
    wooden planks 32
    cobblestone 32

    and if you left clicked on the sign like you would a shop sign it would exchange the two types of items. I've heard of people getting scammed out of stuff when they trade with someone else by dropping the item and then the other person not holding up their end of the bargain and disconnecting before dropping their item or something like that. I think the trade system could help prevent that at least a little even though it is a bit less convenient than just dropping the items and picking them up. I'm just curious as to what other people think of this idea even if it isn't completely thought out. Feel free to add anything you think would help make this more effective :)
  2. sure i dont have a problem with that
  3. I like it!
    The only floor I can see is the fact that the item you want and how much you want of it are on the same line! This might cause issues because you may run out of space on the sign...
    Maybe you could type how much you want of each item the forth line do for example mine wood look like this:

    (trading one diamond for 5 obsidian)
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  4. Alright thanks! That makes a lot more sense!
  5. This does sound nice. Bartering can be just as effective for economy as straight purchasing. They get something they want, you get what you want, and that's that.
  6. I'm going to go ahead and bump this since it hasn't gotten any negative votes yet. Maybe if more people vote we can get this implemented eventually :D
  7. Similar to the ChestShop code (I assume) EMC uses - there is one called BarterShop that works like you state.
  8. This is a great idea and would solve the whole 'drop/scam' issue very easily. If it's able to be done easily enough by Justin, I'm all for this.
  9. I'm going to bump this again so Justin will hopefully see it and input his thoughts on it
  10. It's not only him that needs to see it. The more people in the EMC community that see it and approve of it, the more likely it is to be implemented. I had never intended this to be considered 'spam' and I'm sorry you see it as such.
  11. Have you ever read all the PVP threads out there?
    Have you ever read all the Wilderness Griefing threads out there?

    For as many ppl think is a good idea, or dont like it, or suggest the best features out there for it to happen.

    EMC has strictly done whatever Justin has decided to do on it, (yes sometimes community based surveys affect it)

    But... 2 threads about the same issue, created teh same day, with minutes of difference is a bit too much... I encourage you to PM justinguy, explain the system, for him to think about it and do some tests... if he likes it and thinks it'd be a good addition he'll implement it.. for now, having to double post on both threads its a bit, messy since both are the same...

    Well, well, guess what... HE is THE ONE that mainly needs to see it... and as for that, best way is a private message
  12. Oh I see the problem here. You are misinformed, I created my thread about a week ago. These two threads weren't made within minutes of each other.
  13. Brilliant idea. :)