A new type of stores.

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  1. Trading posts. These stores could only be made in the wild. They would be used for trading items instead of for rupees. On the sign, you would put the two item ID'S on the sign on the third and fourth spot The second spot would say trading post on it. EXAMPLE:

    Trading post

    They would cost 100R each to make, and would act as a locked chest, only you can break and open it. This could help boost our economy, as stuff would be traded hands in a place where scams are a threat.
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  2. neat idea.
  3. well i suppose this wud work and i think it is a great idea but we must remember even though our moderators are doing a great job of keeping griefers and cheaters off the server they are still out there
    maybe you could talk to justinguy about the idea and see what he thinks