Houston We Have a Problem

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  1. So after changing texture packs and doing other things I hit E and this is what I see. I'm thinking of just re-downloading the skin but i'm not sure if it will work.

  2. Missing an arm, totally legit.
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  3. It's only a flesh wound! ;)
  4. BobTheTomato had this problem awhile ago.

    His whole body eventually dissapeared.
  5. Don't worry do what we do in BF3!

    Did you lose an Arm? Your Leg? Or did you even totally die?
    Well Look no further. The Defibrillator is the tool you need!
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  6. gundamface2.jpg
    That line is from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" movie said by the Black Knight.
    lol It's a must watch movie.

    back to topic at hand :D
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  7. I can't tell if that sentence was a hand/arm pun, or you being serious.
  8. bahaha was being serious but after it being pointed out it's funny
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  9. Well... do you get that with other packs? If so, then you got your arm chopped off somehow. Get to Nurse Killjoy. ;)
  10. NoW you look more like a zombie with one less arm!