1. As you might have heard Lottie1664 has been going around advertising a hotel on /v 11547 she is my advertising manager but I'm the actual person who is running it so if your looking for a room pay me and me only if someone says they work there so pay them do not toomany__diamond is an acceptation i know her in real life so you can pay her but id prefer if you pay me because she doesn't play much only pay her if she's on and I'm not or if its busy and I'm helping someone else and she's on well this hotel is mostly for helping people who need storage from different smps and can't get a res on smp5 so i made them kinda cheap and if you could plz donate oak wood mail it if you can or donate it at /v 11648 . SMALL 50r MEDIUM 100r LARGE 200r EXTRA LARGE 500r
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  2. So are these like storage rooms?
  3. kinda
  4. Maybe post a few photos to get people interested? :)
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  5. As advertising manager, I would, but I don't know how to post screenshots. I'm such a noob lel.
    (yes I meant to type lel instead of lol)
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  6. me neither and finally someone who says lel to lel
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  7. This may very well be one of the longest sentences I have ever read, with the exception of some Shakespeare. :p
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  8. Use this to take photos: http://prntscr.com/
    and open it up then right click it and click "Copy image URL" and paste it in to the photo thing (
    and you got a pick OORRRR you can go to this link: wiki.emc.gs/posting-an-image
  9. i hardly use periods on the web lel
  10. lel i dont understand it :p