[Hotel] The Atlantis Hotel at 3676 on SMP2

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  1. This luxury UNDERWATER hotel on SMP2 at residence 3676 offers fine suites that are distinguishable by color. All rooms come complete with working lighting (To enjoy the underwater effect in the dark or light), furnaces, crafting tables, beds (In Bedrooms), brewing stands, plenty of chest space, and excellent views of uh...water.

    Tired of listening too relaxing water? We offer ALL C418 Discs to listen too by request. This service is run by DJ Dave (A villager who controls the lighting of the second floor lobby).

    Complete with our very own minecart system, the hotel is very easy to get around and provides unique transportation from level one to level two! *Minecarts are included in the room fee*

    Complimentary enchanting is also available as well as access to a small supply shop for any needs you may have while at the hotel.

    Whether your visiting SMP2 for the great shops or just want to get away from the wild for a bit, the Atlantis Hotel offers a relaxing and unique experience to all. With only ten total rooms available, rooming can be sparse so check-in today!

    *End Blatant and Annoying Advertisement*
  2. Looks interesting.
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  3. How much a suite?
  4. Haha, thank you for your input :)
  5. 300r a week is how I've been pricing it. No permanent rooms I'm afraid due to the lack of availability.
  6. Can I have the purple room?
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  7. I love when people make ligitiment hotels...I don't like dirt hotels with a bed and a furnace.....not fun...but I completely understand you. You have successfully opened up a business that will last you a long time and it will allow you to earn quite alot of rupees. The Trick: Make things real. Don't make dirt hotels! Nobody wants to stay in them! I own a restraunt. My restraunt is a Bar and FINE Dining. I don't make you sit underground in a dirt chamber and give you a menu of one or two items! I give you a variety of meal plans! Each one with multiple foods! And I provide music, seating, and entertainment. Now, would you rather eat at a cheap, underground, dirt restraunt or my restraunt? Or would you rather stay in a dark room with a bed an a furnace, OR GwVSchilling's hotel?
    I rest my case.
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  8. Well dirt hotels do have free meals of you eat mice. I like chrap dirty dark motels. Why dont you?
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  9. Yes, of course, are you on smp2 right now?
  10. Haha, indeed sir, indeed!
  11. Now I am
  12. I just don't like dirt buildings, It makes me feel "nooby". And motels are full of bedbugs and carpet stains of cat pee.
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  14. Thank you very much! Much appreciated!
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  15. Hey can I pay for more weeks?
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  16. So many underwater hotels copying me now -_-
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  17. Hey there, I'd love to work for such a wonderful business owner like you! I have lots of spare time, so I can hang around there and help out! PM me to accept my request/ fill me in!
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  18. Can I be a buttler who carrys bread around?
  19. No, You can be the Janitor who mops up all the cockroaches.
  20. And puts them in your room :)