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  1. Heyas :)

    HOT RODS is OPENING 6/11/16 Saturday at 3PM emc time!

    We're going to start off at OddWalrus' res 16029 for some Hole In One for those who don't like leaving town. After folks have gathered and had their fill of that game, we'll head over to Hot Rods for a quick tour, and Slvr will run a trivia game with more prizes!

    Prizes include -
    • Enchanted Elytra
    • Chicken Skewer promo
    • Feast for a King
    • Dragon Head
    • Nether Star
    • End Crystal
    • Diamonds
    • 2 Vault Vouchers
    • 12 Gold Apples
    • A set of chain mail armor
    • 60 bottles of dragon's breath
    • Some enchanted books, including mending and frost walker
    • 3 Enchanted Shovels
    • and various other odds and ends such as mob heads, glowstone, packed ice, sea lanterns, prismarine bricks, redstone ores, renamed apples, etc! :)
    Huge thanks to the many people who donated (BushyKSpecial and AmusedStew), came out to help build, made us potions, and slabbed, and all the other assistance!
    • Corruptedsmile
    • AverageWalrus
    • Bo0bbyTheBuild3r
    • MrCDub
    • Fishcat
    • Sparks
    • ChrisFlareon
    • Slvr
    • clm
    • FatAndyTheGreat
    • ArmaniBerry
    • crazyxgamer
    • SealInAction
    And honestly guys, I think I've forgotten a few special thanks here. BUT THANK YOU! Poke me if I left your name off by accident here please :)

    What is it -
    4 separate blaze grinders utilizing 2 different funnel designs by FatAndyTheGreat and me. Theme and much of the decor by AverageWalrus. Technical difficulties resolved by B0bbyTheBuild3r. Tons of work by Corruptedsmile, MrCDub, Bobby, Fishcat, ArmaniBerry, and Chris (who did another excellent statue for us!). Potions, smelting, and other support from Chris, clm, Slvr, BushySpecialK, AmusedStew, and a ton of other folks :)
    Amenities include a mooshroom in every kill area, locked chests, anvils, ender chests, an enchanting room, a brewery, overworld bedroom, and small surface farm. Plus, another incredible statue by Chris that you can see from the enchanting room (really cool giant blaze)!
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  2. Lol? When did this happen? I just saw the thread for naming it. And then, bam its done. :cool:
    Nice Work.

    Auction Are you serious. :p
    Maybe have a trivia game or a Drop Party.
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  3. I will have to make the hike back to town so I can head there for the opening.

    You should do a blaze rod auction for like a bunch of DC... so I can win them all... yeah sounds good for an opening "event".
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  4. We actually started building on March 25, 2016. So this one has taken a lot longer than the others. Joys of the nether :)
    We actually opened up Sushi Drop with an auction for like 12 or 20 (I don't recall) DCs of cobble lol. It was surprisingly popular :)
    We still need help with slabbing and protecting the build from ghasts/hounds if you want some death excitement lol. Cheers!
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  5. So far, the ideas are a trivia game, an auction, and door gifts. The drop party would be exceedingly difficult to do out there unfortunately. Any other thoughts? Thank you!
  6. 1000000% for NO auction. An auction for an opening party is really sad. I would rather have fishing than an auction lol
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  7. Any other ideas folks? Thanks!

    So far, I'm thinking trivia game with some nice prizes. Though I'm not sure how great a trivia game will go in the nether at a fortress LOL. We'll have to test safety extensively there first to make sure hounds don't attack.
  8. building competition for a centerpiece(or decoration build somewhere for hot rods)?
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  9. How about a race? Use blaze rods as batons. Have teams racing, pass the "baton" to each other. Have people form their own groups in this race, have their own like colors or whatever to represent their group. It would be really complicated to set up though. It would be a mutli-stage race where people of each group would stay at a check-point and wait for their team member to finish their portion of the course. When they finish their portion they would of course pass the baton to their team mate then they would complete their section of the course, so on and so forth. It could be parkour, puzzles, and a various set of challenges for each course. Of course this idea is completely insane since it would take days of work and effort to make the track which will probably be only used once, blah blah blah. It's just a suggestion. Oh yeah and the winners get rewards (maybe a blaze head signed "HotRods Grand Opening Race Participant! - 1st Place"?)
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  11. HOT RODS is OPENING 6/11/16 Saturday at 3PM emc time!
    Please read the OP for information about location, games and prizes. Hope to see you all there :)
    Thank you so much everyone who helped make this happen!
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  12. Goodnight bump, hope folks see this and get to come out and enjoy!
  13. Hot Rods is opening this Saturday with 2 events and prizes. Please see the OP (first page, first post). Cheers!
  14. Bump and spread the word please :)
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  15. Wow nice!
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  16. HOT RODS is OPENING 6/11/16 Saturday at 3PM emc time!
    Please read the OP for information about location, games and prizes. Hope to see you all there :)
    Thank you so much everyone who helped make this happen!

    We had testers out today - thank you guys! - and fixed 1 thing and added 3 "suicide back to town" places. Thank you WitherDoggie, BenMA, GeeWhizz, SirTah, Gate, corrupted, and Bella (and anyone I've goofed and forgotten).
  17. Aw man, I will be on vacation this weekend. I wish you guys planned some of these epic opening parties for fell and pigmentus, but that's okay. Sounds really fun! :)
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  18. We did stuff for Pigmentus and Sushi Drop and Grinders. Fe(II) never got an opening party because I was practically living at the hospital with family members. Slime Time and Squid Doom were such a hassle that we never did them either. Trying to make up for those with Hot Rods :)
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  19. Giving this a bump so folks know about it tomorrow. See the OP above please! Hot Rods is opening with games and prizes :)
  20. Hope to make it!
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