Horses from 10 rupees

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  1. Horses from 10 rupees.

    You won't get a racehorse at that price, but it will have a speed of 90+.

    Faster horses also available up to 127 speed. The price depends on the speed.

    Strong horses for the wild from 150r with HP of 30+

    Jumpy horses from 150r with a jump of 90+

    Plenty of stock. Have a look at SMP8 17123
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  2. One of my horses went into a bar.

    The barman said 'Why the long face?'
  3. Jokes? Lol
  4. Horses from 10 rupees? What does that mean?
  5. The prices start at 10r
  6. Thank you for translating Australian to American.
  7. It's not Australian. On amazon crime prime, it says ________ starting from _____[/s][/s]
  8. Can I Have A Donkey?
  9. Your shop is amazing! I love it! Keep on breeding, cuz at some point I'll probably be back for more!
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  10. More horses in stock. I have added horses with speed 110+ and jump 90+.

    Please PM me if any of the shop signs don't work.