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  1. I thought it would be nice if we could create a command that will release the horse out of what I call the stable "trance". There could be a residence permission so that other people can keep their horses on that residence without the horse going back to the owner of the horse's residence.

    This command could be "/res pset [Player] stable true"

    I need these horses to stay with my alt so my /stable isn't full. Please make this command happen :/
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  2. So a flag to prevent horses from going home. Good idea.
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  3. Maybe a leash/lead flag could be added, and when someone uses a leash/lead, the horse won't go home.
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  4. Yessir. Another possibility :D
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  5. Great idea so you have a choice if you want your horse to stay or automatically go back home.
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  6. Or maybe while you are on the horse you can type in /horse set home so that when off the horse it can go to that person's residence
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  7. Kinda curious -- why do you want to really leave your horses on someone elses res? I mean it is doable, just didn't see it being a highly desired thing.

    What if you forget where you left it?
    I do have plans for a "Horse Log" that'll show last 15 or so horse home changes.

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  8. I think the main reason (I know this is true for Deathconn) is that some people with alternate accounts may want to build their stables on their alts res (maybe because their main account's res doesn't have room or whatever) but they are only able to leave their alt's horses there, not their primary account's. Also, there's the possibility that people may create public stables, or a shared stable for a group of friends, and without this only the own of the res would be able to actually leave their horses on that res.
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