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  1. I would like to introduce you to a project I've been working on for quite some time now, and that is, of course, my horse shop.

    Horses I sell at the moment:

    The horses range from colour, HP and jump.
    From time to time, there will be special offers and deals, so keep an eye out!
    More stock and different stats will be coming soon!

    Be sure to visit anytime, and if you have any suggestions, let me know! :)
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  4. Oooooh =D
    I'll check it out soon!
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  5. Thank you ;)
  6. Restock: Now 133 and 1 132s in stock, also some rare colour 129+. Be sure to come along and have a browse!
  7. Awesome.........On a side note, whats your to speed of horse to be able to breed 133's and 132's ?
  8. I'd say the lowest possibly 2 133s. There may be a chance in 2 132s but that would be quite hard. If you're interested in getting into breeding is suggest investing one or two 135s. They'll get you the best speeds and get you into most co-ops.
  9. Can I ask, has you and Underscore having a Horse shop battle?
    I would like to suggest linking your shops together :)
    Also Ill check this out ;)
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  10. Thank you :)
    I guess you could say we are. Since MrsWishes is out of stock we're seeing who's the next big smp5 breeder :)
  11. I try :)
    Also it's good to know that I have a trustworthy source for 130+ horses (to breed don't worry)
  12. Thank you very much! :D
  13. Bump. 2 132s and 133s are still in stock! :D
  14. I like horses when they go real fast. I like horses when they go so slow. If I didn't like horses I'd fly on a dragon. But my papa's a dragon slayer.......Shhhhh !!! He hates it that I idolize the dragon. He wishes I liked the toade but toades are evil. I think my papa's evil..........
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  15. Lol, that's what I think every so often. You know your going fast when you get your first 135... and you know when your going slow when you get your first 49...
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  16. Lol, interesting thought. You may have not known this, but hannah has kinda remained dormant from the horse selling business, or at least she didn't become as invested as she does now. But yeah, I don't honestly think those 2 will combine their shops, at any time.
  17. Lol, I think we would all fly on a dragon if we could :p
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  18. Bump - 132 chestnut in stock aswell as 133s and 132s.