Horse Race Circuit

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Who would race in the EMC circit

Yes i would race 21 vote(s) 95.5%
no i wouldn't race 1 vote(s) 4.5%
  1. The EMC Circuit
    When the Horse update came out, a new path was created in the EMC worlds, Horse Racing. MENTAL_ZOMBIE and I had the idea of making a giant track to hold races on and huge tournaments... then I kept thinking what can we do to make a big mark on EMC... I found out what it was today... we need to form a EMC circuit, a series of races for players to prove their worth in EMC horse racing
    • Right now i am looking for 1 person, with a track, from each server to join the circuit
    • This circuit will be a 10 week loop each week a different server will race to see who will compete in the Empire Cup- held at the Frontier track on smp4...
    if you are interested in joining the EMC circuit please post what server you are from and where your track is located
    (if someone from ur server already gave me there info still post yours I will look at all and decide which is best fir for the circuit)
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  2. Smile3,
  3. I can represent utopia res 5151
    Check my post :)
  4. Utopian Invitational track (week 10)- ANTPO9872525 res #5151
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  5. I read your thread and I was wondering if the a EMC derby people wanted to join, and be the track for smp1, in the circuit that we are making.... because cause i saw your track and i liked it
  6. I am here on behalf of the porph industries hornets and would like to join this race for smp4. porphyrian will be racing for the hornets using sting (our main horse)
  7. we need tracks... there will be a later post for racers
  8. oh porphy and i plan to make a hardcore track on top of his micro mall so when it is finished we will let you use it for the circuit
  9. ok please make it a good size
  10. the race is themed more towards hard turns and horse parkour at high elevations
  11. can i stop by and check it out if u have started to build it?
  12. we haven't started yet because we need to finish his micro mall it is supposed to be on top of it
  13. oh ok i just started the championship tack so u have time
  14. There's a good one on utopia we held a race ther a out a week ago
  15. i have a good horse circuit on smp6 13021 we should make a league and ahv e like 8 circuits
  16. yeah that was the plan.... get a track for each server then have a championship race on the track that im making on Utopia
    *there is also a Utopian Invitational for the top 4 racers from each server
  17. yes i had 4 races today i charged 50 r for each person and winner gets 3 quarters of the pot. they said its looks good :D i need donations too make it look a bit better. go check it out its smp6 13021 go down the hole you are facing