Horse gear

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  1. Selling:

    Armor(Iron, Gold, Diamond)
    Golden Carrots

    Its all on SMP8, there is no actual store, so you'll either need to catch me online(Not hard) or arange a time to meet with me, via forums; if you want to buy anything.

    Prices are: OFFER

    Only Offer Via PM or /Msg ingame -
    yes, this is to maximize my profit... thanks.

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  2. I would like to buy diamond horse armor, 10 name tags, 10 saddles. What would be the total cost? If its reasonable I will buy the stuff. :D
  3. how much would a name tag cost?
  4. Sorry you two, someone came to my res and bought me out of EVERYTHING that i was willing to part with; right after posting this.

    i'll try to get more today, and for the most part, nothing has a set price! =)