Horse derelict

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  1. Just spawned my donkey again. because it always say it get untamed after 15days when your not close it to.

    Now i think the close to it is misleading. It confuse me at least.
    Do you really need to be close to the animal or just make sure you vote or logging ever 12 days ?
  2. You really do have to come near it, over the summer a whole bunch of horses at my outpost became un-named. To retame a wild horse that already has a saddle and stuff on it, do /horse release and then it will drop the stuff and you can retame it
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  3. Not like that in the wild, i work on 2 cities / outposts. it would force me to keep eggify or mabye stable ? them and put them back. well that would be the first time a stable would be usefull.

    Going to look in the stable for wilderness. but not sure if that works there.
  4. Not sure what you mean by " not like that in the wild" Are you referring to the taming process?

    If your tired of having to re-tame your Donkey you can always stable your horse even in the /wild just do /st store and then /st summon when you want your horse again. But I must warn you unless you have 10 stable slots it'll cost you 100r every time you /st summon a horse in the wild.

    I don't know why you'd have to keep eggifing it either. Could you be more elaborate in the explanation.
  5. I checked it, i can stable a horse in the wild. so that solve the problem. Finaly a reason to use stables
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  6. If u get 10 stables u can summon for free in wild ifs cool