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  1. So after a little thinking about these horses that will (hopefully) soon be added to EMC, I realized one thing: How am I going to teleport places? I have communicated with Aikar on a separate thread, and besides the fact of teleporting, I realized yet another problem. I'm sure there is at least one on your server, as there are plenty on SMP2, Big giant hole to bedrock residences. What should happen if your horse was to fall in there? Would it take fall damage? Would it DIE? If it doesn't, how would you get it out?

    So I have a suggestion, as this is "the suggestion box," to implement a new command when horses are released. This command lets you teleport On your horse, and teleport your horse to you. These commands, as expected, should only work in town, as that could be a bit op in the wild.

    Now, you may ask WHAT IF I HAVE MORE THAN ONE HORSE? The answer is simple, the command will allow for different horses to be teleported as I will show below

    EXAMPLE: /tp Horse (enter horse number, unless first horse in which case leave blank) [player name]

    If there are any suggestions or anything, please feel free to say them below.

    Sincerely, some awesome guy,
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  2. I like this idea.
  3. i am so excited, cuz i'm a brony!
  4. Easy there, no pink or purple horses. They dont talk either.
  5. Well, you can dye leather armor right? So could very well be.
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  6. Frankly, I think horses will be kind of silly in town anyway (it's not like we walk to other residences, shops, etc). In the wild, if I accidentally ride my horse into a ravine, yeah he should take fall damage.
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  7. I think they should have a world or add stables outside of the wild, that you can access your horse, and only your horse. Unless you give someone rights to mess with your horse.
  8. I think the only way to bring horses from the wild will be by egging them.
  9. What if they are babys. then you would have to wait for them to grow.
  10. Well you could have your town horse and your country horse. Then you could write a tale about them to entertain children.
  11. I like this idea. I honestly think your horses should only stay in your res, and no one else's. This way we could keep people from lagging others by teleporting a million horses into their face. :p
  12. •_•
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  13. I will expect that non-supporters can only have 1 horse, where as supporters can have inf. amount of horses.
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  14. That would be saddening

    Becaus I want a horse an a mule
  15. Maybe you could right click (by default controls) with a stick on a horse to turn them into a spawn egg, like any other animal :D
  16. But then I have to retame :(
  17. Good point. Hopefully the admins can do something about this :3