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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Hawk_1127, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. So one day I took my Incitatus and moved him to a different pasture, not knowing about a bug, my horse fell in some water and then disappeared. My horse had gold armor on and a saddle, but the moderator said I couldn't have a refund, in my opinion, not to be mean, that's lame EMC. Just because its a bug doesn't mean you shouldn't refund me. Whats it matter to you? I just want some reasoning and refunds for what I lost, anyone else have an opinion on this, please give it.
  2. Also, I want my horse back too, obviously EMC has tons of them because they're way overpriced in the Empire Shop
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  3. Check your residence they are supposed to go back to ur res after 5 mins
  4. I could sell you a 99% speed horse.
  5. It was clearly stated that there are unknown bugs about horses and it was recommended that you keep your special promo horses in egg form until everything could be worked out, because there would be no refunds.
    In the EMC shop, things are spawned in like they are in creative mode, it doesn't have anything to do with the staff having a large collection of horses :p
  6. I could sell you a 120%+ speed Horse for 900r... or 100-% speed horse for 400r
  7. What, I shouldn't have to read forums to know this, everyone had promo horses out so why couldn't I? EMC i guess is choosing to be lame why not refund me 10k or something? And yes they could easily give me another horse its just that they are being lame about it. They could also give me more gold armor its just they're being lame.
  8. Kylan already checked, it just disappeared!
  9. "Lame" > refunds/replacement.
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  10. The reason we don't refund items due to bugs is because there is no proof you lost it due to a bug. :)
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  11. Okay, we get the point that in your opinion EMC is being 'lame'. It's not EMC's fault that you didn't check the forum post, which is quite visible on the front page. This may be very unlucky of you and nobody likes bugs but complaining about it isn't going to get you very far. Also we don't know that you have definitely lost it due to a bug, you could of accidentally killed it or something.
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  12. That's their risk. If something goes wrong with them that's their fault too. I for one, chose not to use my Incitatus until after all known bugs with horses are fixed to negate any risk of loosing mine.
    Also I doubt that calling EMC 'lame' will help your situation at all.
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  13. Oh so no one trusts each other around here, that's a great system. In the real world children people trust each other, you guys really need to get out more. And you people who richer than I your opinion is worthless to a player like me because you have way more than me so how can you relate.
  14. We do trust people as much as we can. However, there are many people that would take advantage of a trust system to claim additional promos.

    Oh, and stop being rude. :)
  15. The horse update came out more than a week ago when this bug happened
  16. It came out on Friday, which was 6 days ago. I also recall that this happened to you a few days ago, therefore it has NOT been a week.
  17. Well fine be that way I guess I cant ask help from people anymore because they might not trust me because im takin advantage of them, you people are way to serious about this stuff. All I want is a rupee refund
    But it seems all you people arent as nice as i thought
  18. Your 30 minutes of internet are up for the day, it is time for your nap.

    Seriously, calm down. EMC makes a special horse, gives it to you for free, creates all these great features for horses for free usage, yet you can't even put the time into looking into the details of the deal? Thats pretty lame, IMO.

    Now, since you referenced the "real world", here: If you bought a box of matches, and burned yourself while starting a fire because you neglected to reading the warranty, would you really expect anyone to have sympathy for you? I wouldn't, thats for sure.
  19. We will give you all the help we can give you. However, some things cannot be helped with. Even if the most well known member claimed they lost their horse due to a bug, without proof, they'd not get a replacement.

    However, I have refunded the 0 rupees that the promo costed to your account. :)
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