Hoppers run slower in frontier than town?

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  1. Hey all, so recently I had been building my guardian farm, and used a hopper unloader design which should stop minecarts when they go onto a powered rail over a hopper, so that the items go to storage. This works fine for my crop farms in town but not in the frontier, the hoppers cannot suck in the items fast enough to give the comparator a signal to make it turn off the rail and allow the items to be taken into storage. Is this intentional?
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  2. I am not aware of any changes between those two worlds. But considering the size of the area and the likely amount of mobs are you sure you can rule out lag as a possible cause for the delays?
  3. I try yo avoid anything with carts for farms in the wild as it can bug out, I have had them Vanish before online and in SP.
    Other that that, I usually try to make the signal longer as it seems to be a bit faster on my farms in the wild then the town. I try to have the signal longer making it so there is plenty of time even if there are lag spikes...

    Although i do seem to find some issues with comparators, but there are ways around it ( I have rebuilt whole systems to get one to work, haha )
  4. I have no problem with minecart hopper unloaders. And i use a few.
    Mabye your design have a flaw ? No experience with town.
  5. If you want to hang around the town res that has those cart unloaders in it be my guest, it lags there and works fine :p
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