Hoppers disconnecting from chests?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by WayneKramer, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. Has anyone seen this before?

    I have a farm that I've used for months and there is a hopper that is attached to a chest so the items flow into the chest. Tonight, for some reason, the hopper disconnected from the chest so the items were not flowing. I actually looked at the hopper and it was not connected anymore.

    So either someone went in there and broke the hopper and replaced it without connecting it, which I guess is possible, or something else broke it.
  2. I never experienced something like that. I suppose your theory could have happened but it seems weird. I think it might be more likely that an EMC script went bonkers and accidentally stopped the hopper; those are limited in speed afterall and I could imagine that if the speed is brought down to 0 then they stop working completely.

    Just my 2 cents of course.
  3. as of the last update (I think) locked chests will not allow item to flow out of a them into a hopper, the hopper breaks. is your chest locked?

    I have sets of 2 locked chests, the sorter flowing in to the top chest and then a hopper flowing from the top chest in to the bottom chest so i can have 2 dc's of storage and now the hopper breaks every time an item is put in the top chest from my farm, its supper annoying but what can we do right.
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  4. Yes, the chest is locked. But the items don't go from the chest to the hopper, they go from the hopper to the chest.
  5. well we haven't touched hoppers in a while, shouldn't be from the update.
  6. Its a bug the hopper will randomly pop off, like when you mine it. happens when the hopper is transferring items from a locked chest to another locked chest. Some transfer rule that is not at the top of the bug fix list, even though I reported it close to a year ago.
  7. Well there is only one locked chest. What I have is a 3x3 square (9 hoppers) all connected together and the corner hopper is flowing into a locked chest. None of the hoppers are locked (not even sure if you can lock them), just the chest is.

    It's never happened before and once I broke the hopper and re-connected it it hasn't broken again.

    Nice to know there is a similar sort of bug reported though, thanks.