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  1. I am very happy that there are many honest players here in the game. Such as ones who are very willing to ask if someone had lost there gear such as in Endertopia and will give it back to the person who had lost it... I hope to see many more people like this in the game in all of the servers and areas where others can die and lose thier gear...
  2. You will meet many kind and honest players in the empire. Thats what I love about it :D
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  3. "But don't take everything you read on the internet as a true fact" -Abraham Lincoln
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  4. That's because this is empire minecraft :)
    We are the friendly side of the internet ;) (oh, and the weird side too, but weird and friendly go together well)
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  5. That is so very true..
  6. Creepy and friendly my friend, creepy and friendly :D.
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  7. or its just forced niceness.
    not always, but sometimes.
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  8. Forced niceness? What do you mean by that?
  9. No need for explanation if you dont get it.
  10. He believes that niceness, being contrary to human nature, is actually forced. Everyone is tempted to steal from a chest, or an enchantment table but don't because they're aware of the rules of this sub-society we're all apart of, similar to how you wouldn't steal from a store because it is against the law.Thus, these acts of common courtesy or "forced niceness" are what he is referring to.

    Though if you think about it, humans have a sense of morality too. The player didn't have to retrieve the lost items and return them, they did that by choice. This was not a forced act of kindness, and thus you can say that we're not forced to do anything nice per se. We just all share a certain sense of common courtesy and an ideal sense of humanity.
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