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  1. I am starting my very own Supply Co. At first I am only going to take small orders with a maximum of 1 DC. This will only be for a short time until I get things going and see how well I can handle the orders.
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    Diamonds: 2240r Stack (Sorry, max order for diamonds is 5 stacks)
    Cobblestone: 15r Stack: 405r SC DC: 810r
    Sandstone: Stack 80r : SC 2160r DC 4320r
    Stone/Stone brick: 30r Stack: SC:810r DC: 1620r
    Nether rack: 10r Stack: 270r SC: 540r DC.
    Logs Any Type: 60r Stack: 1620r SC DC: 3240r
    Planks Any Type: 15r stack: SC:405r DC: 810r
    Quartz Flakes: 425r Stack: SC: 11,475r DC: 22,950r
    Glowstone: 750r Stack (Sorry max ill sell is 10 stacks)
    Sand: 60r Stack: SC: 1620r DC: 3240r
    Redstone: 101r Stack: SC:2727r DC: 5454r
    Nether Brick(Block): 90r Stack: 2430r SC DC: 4860r
    Thank you, Also if you want smaller amounts or other items my shop is on smp4 res 9132.
  2. Item: Redstone SC
    Price: 2727
    Deadline: N/A
    Pickup: Your res
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  3. Item:1 dc cobblestone
    Deadline:when ever
    Pickup:your res
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  4. Will you ever be planning to supply netherbrick/wool?
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  5. I can supply netherbrick would you like just the brick itself or the block? For the wool, not at the moment.
  6. The block :) how much for each quantity?
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  7. added it to the list :)
  8. Item: Diamond 5 stacks
    Price: 4875
    Deadline: End of this week
    Pickup: Your res
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  9. Item: 5 stacks diamonds
    Price: 4875r
    Deadline: Is 2-3 days fine?
    Pickup: I'll pickup from your res
  10. Item: Diamonds 5 Stacks
    Price: 4875
    Deadline: 5 Days
    Pickup: Yo res
  11. haro, is that two separate orders or just an update to the old one?
  12. I never ordered anything else. Just the diamonds :p

    I only ordered 5 stacks because of the limit, but if you are up for a challenge I'll make it 10 stacks :p
  13. ohhhh, I just looked at the profile pics quickly and they looked similar so I thought it was you, yea ill just do the 5. 15 stacks so far :p also I don't think 2-3 days would work, probably closer to 5 or more.
  14. Is 4 good? Lol
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  15. ill try :)
  16. Thanks :)

    BUT, can I order another 5 stacks with like 10 days deadline? :p
  17. Item: Diamonds 5 stacks
    Price: 11200
    Deadline: August 3rd ASAP tho ( need for new project )
    Pickup: I can pick up on any server
  18. Item: 3 stacks diamonds & 5 stacks glowstone
    Price: 2925 + 3750 = 6675
    Deadline: 7 days
    Pickup: your res
  19. Item: Diamonds 5 stacks
    Price: 4875
    Deadline: August 10th ASAP tho ( need for new project )
    Pickup: I can pick up on any server
  20. May I add 10 stacks of glowstone to my order please? That's another 7500r to my order total :)