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  1. Technology is starting to get crazy! I've seen some videos on how one can interact with holograms, concerts with holograms performing, holographic TV, etc. I wonder if this technology will eventually replace people in certain jobs (e.g. airline, bank tellers, dmv, etc.)?

    Hologram: Tupac at Coachella

    Hologram: CV01 Hatsune Miku

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  2. Holograms aren't able to control matter, though. So for jobs that require people to actually handle things, holograms are useless. At the DMV, e.g., the hologram can't handle your papers or driver's license. :p
  3. Wow technology is amazing! but no as alexschord stated it would not work
  4. I prefer this one. :p

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  5. Yeah. One way it could work is having the hologram assist you while you do all of the work. Kind of like a self-checkout idea.