#Holdthefloor Dems. Filibuster Senate

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  1. Democrat Senator Christopher Murphy of Connecticut has filibustered the US Senate for the last 12 hours, demanding more gun control. This means full background checks for all gun sales and a no-gun buy list for individuals that are on the no-fly list. Nothing more nothing less. He refuses to yeild the floor untill there is a bipartisan bill where the Republican party will acknowledge and try to solve the Gun crisis in our Country. Almost all Democrat Senators are in the senate showing their support at Midnight. This truly is a defining moment.

    I've watched these Democrats debated for 6 hours on C-span2 and I have never been more proud of our government. It's comforting to see them as angry and we are and demanding change on our behalf. I just want to let you all know this is happening and to watch if you can and show your support.
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  2. Is there a livestream of this?
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  3. Or you can watch it live on C-SPAN2 on TV
  4. Over after 15 hours of Filibustering at 2:30 a.m. Watched more then half of it. Democrats won a victory by getting the Republican party to promise to work to pass a bipartisan bill that has been presented by the Senator. It will ensure universal background checks for all gun sales and a no-gun-buy list for citizens placed on the no-fly list and those under investigation, or the terrorist watch list. We will see in the weeks to come if the bill acturally passes.

    It is important for you all to contact your senator.

    Whether you are for it, or against it, don't discuss it on this forum. There is no point. You won't change anyone's minds.

    But I implore you to contact your US senator and make you voice be heard. US citizens should make more of an effort to interact in the House and Senate. Let you voice be heard. Again, Please don't debated gun policy here, That can be done on another post respectfully. This is about the 15 hour filibuster only and the US Senate.