Hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes)

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  1. This thread is to discuses everyones favorite Bengal Tiger, Hobbes, but this isn't about just anything about him, its about one little thing, is he real, or fake? Well, you might say he's fake, because he's a stuffed animal around other people, but one panel of a strip states otherwise.

    As you can see, Calvin, Susie, Hobbes, and Mr. Bun the Rabbit, are in the same place together, but Hobbes is not stuffed. This might be because Susie is not looking at Hobbes. This is the only time he is ever seen this way with others around him, other than Calvin. Now, I could throw a bunch of other stuff into this, but to keep it simple, I will keep it like this. Now, the cartoonist who made Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Wattson, has said that Hobbes with not real, nor fake, its all what you want to think. So, what do you say he is?
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  2. He's real. That's just a shadow.
  3. It depends, if you believe then hobbes is real, if not, then thats too bad.
  4. He chooses when to be alive and when to be stuffed, only showing his real form to Calvin.
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  6. If you ask me, I think Bill Wattson should make ONE more comic, just explaining what happened to Calvin and Hobbes.
  7. Hobbes is usually my minecraft skin :)
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  8. Hobbes is.. magical.
  9. Anyone notice how Hobbes commented that Mr. Bun was comatose later in this story arc?
  10. I did.