Hit me right in the feels...

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  1. Warning: Contains more kissing then you could ever want, just letting you know :p

    Such a sweet video anyway
    Just goes to show love can be found anywhere and with anyone owo
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  2. Anywhere, anyone, any color, any gender, any ethnicy, any religion, any type, any form, and any way. :p
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  3. When this is for real, I don't like it. I don't have anything against normal hugging or even kissing, but having your first real kiss with someone you barely know... I think it is so great to have your first kiss with someone you really love, and not a random person for a video.
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  4. Hate to break it to you, but it is not as truthful as it seems. The only truthful thing about it is that they have never kissed each other, other than that, they are not random, and it appears that they are all actors/actresses in some way.
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  5. Yeah, I am sure the person didn't just get some random person off the street somewhere and they start kissing for a YouTube video, lol.
  6. Its kinda like they dont know each other and are all nervous en when they kiss its like they know each other already.. id say fake.
  7. Best. parody. ever.
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