His return.. :3

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Roslyn, May 10, 2014.

  1. The Return of ThirstyMoose is greater than I anticipated!
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  2. whos thirstyMoose
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  3. -_-
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  4. I saw him on today. I am really glad he is back!
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  5. This may also sound bad, but was ThirstyMoose a mod?
    EDIT: That was Ignoramoos
    EDIT2: Does ThirstyMoose desire water?
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  6. Sorry... Maybe I'm too young in the Empire to know this, but who's ThirstyMoose again? Sounds familiar, but jog my memory, please!
  7. Seeing that Thirsty just hit his 300, I do not think you are too young on the Empire.
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  8. His first account was hacked. This was his second account which got banned later but unbanned now.
  9. Originally Golden_Guppy from Smp4!!!! I'm actually 708 Days old! hahaha
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