[Hiring] Someone to build a 'tree eater'

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  1. Hi Everyone

    I want a tree eater on my res for all kind of trees. Something like this:


    If you can build it please say how much for not supplying and if I supply and an overall cost please!

  2. nfell You need to mention if you want it on utopia or smps because On utopia diamond people can fly.
  3. Oh its SMP4 9281

  4. Here is a tutorial, build it nfell2009. First part is trying ;)
  5. erm, that's what he linked to
  6. True Dat.
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  7. But I dont want to try! I cant be bothered
  8. If u don't find some one in about an hour I can recommend some one amazing who fixed ours, the only one that I know who can make it work on EMC
  9. May you please? lol
  10. I'm not home now and can't remember who it is, I'm asking who it was now.
  11. Ok I will ask melody see if she knows
  12. Ok I asked it's rdmaster.
  13. You could always use an axe if it doesn't work :rolleyes: