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  1. As the title suggest I am looking for someone to build me a mall. I am looking for someone with experience in building, so some screenshots of previous designs will be necessary if you want to be selected. I can supply a large amount of the materials for the build, just give me a general idea of what you need, and how much you need and I will make it happen. I am willing to pay a lot of money if you can make something that I like. As for the payment, I would like to pay you around 300k, but I understand this may be a little cheap on my end, but the price is negotiable, and I'm willing to go higher if I like your previous work. Just chuck me a pm if you're interested.
  2. I'm maybe interested, but I first have a few questions:

    What kind of style of mall do you want? (what kind of blocks, etc.)

    How big does it need to be? And how many items need to fit in there? And how many chests for each item?

    How long do we have the time?

    On which smp is it?

    EDIT: PM received. :)
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