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  1. Herro Everyone!!! Mer name is cocobuttered and I'm opening a hotel! Well, soon, it's not built yet but I like to plan ahead :p Anyways, I'm looking for a partner to help me run the hotel. The rent and stuff will be split, so that it's fair =3 I'm posting the progress, prices, blah blah blah on a seperate thread (http://empireminecraft.com/threads/smp9-hotel.43122/)
    So this won't be spammed =3 Anyways, here's the application:
    Have you ever run/worked at an MC hotel before:
    Why you want the job:
    Have you ever been banned:
    How often do you come on:
    Do you live on Smp9:
    Post it if you want the job, I'll try to keep this updated :D
  2. I'm not really trying to be mean, but hotels aren't the way to go if you want money. People have there own residence(s)
    that they can live at. Maybe if you continue to build it then turn it into a shop, then you might get some good money off of it.
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  3. I'm with jjhhgg100123. Not many people will want to rent a small room when they already have a free 60x60 space.
  4. Build a mall instead and look for a business partner to help
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  5. I know, but for like people who live on a different server and are not supporters. Some people like to be able to have a place with chests on different smps. And it's not to make money, I already have a shop, but just so that people have a place they can store stuff on different servers.
  6. Ehhh you might make a little money but people also dig out 60x60x3 areas under their res. You might get a new person here and there, but all in all it wouldn't be worth the building materials.