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  1. I'm now up to 3 PAGES in small print of shops that I have yet to visit to update the prices or add the shop on my EMC Market website. This means that pricing on the site can be quite out of date and missing a lot of shops. This makes the site less useful.

    As a secret shopper you would earn money for each shop you fully update, and for each entry you add to the site. I will assign you a shop to update, and you visit the shop, recording all the pricing information for every item using the bulk add tool. It is very important that you thoroughly add every item for the shop you are assigned.

    Pay is 100r/shop + 10r/entry. ie If a shop has 100 items for sale, you would make 1,100r. If the shop bought and sold 200 items (2 entries per item), you would make 4,100r. An entry is buying or selling a unique quantity of an item at a given price.

    If you are interested in being a secret shopper, please fill out the form below. You can PM me or reply below.

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  2. User: Kytula
    Time On EMC: joined April of last year
    Past Projects: I've received 2 honorable mentions on different EMC build contests.
    Availability: morning and early afternoons, server time.
    Motivation: I enjoy helping players. Answering questions when I can. I've directed many to your site and noticed it needs a little tlc. I've also made a shop teleport hub to make shopping on smp1 easier for everyone.
    Site Experience: I've listed, edited and added bulk items on there before.
    Questions: I just used the bulk add for the shops I have on 2113. and out of pure habit I typed 2112 instead. I tried fixing it but it didn't work. So 1. how do I go about correcting an incorrect res # and 2. I have a banner shop, how would I go about adding all the different types of banners? In order for me to be able to sell them I had to set the sell signs to [slot 1]
  3. User: SteamingFire
    Time On EMC: Since Dec 13, 2014
    Past Projects: CadenMann's moderator statue res, Chespin's chespin pixel art, My Hourglass Hotel and SFe Rave, and someone else's rave.
    Availability: between 4-8PM EMC time. once school starts, it'll probably be around 6-9PM EMC time.
    Motivation: I'm running out of interesting things to do on EMC. I have my own standards on what can be "interesting" when, why, and how <.<...
    Site Experience: Nope, I have no idea what a bulk adder is. I'm guessing this is for azoundria.com/emc/market, but I've only ever used it occasionally to check prices.
    Questions: So how exactly does this work? *looks for random "bulk adder" buttons* >.>...
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  4. I added the last two questions shortly after I posted this. If you can add answers to them that would be great so I know your level of experience with the site.

    You need an account on the site to access the bulk adder feature (since it's really powerful and if anyone were to use it for vandalizing I'd want to know who). Then the link appears at the bottom of every page when you're logged in. The tool should be straighforward to use and it's pretty fast, and it saves all the stuff right away so even if your browser crashes it's all saved. Once you get that set up then I can get you started on some shops.
  5. Thanks for the tips and offers azoundria, but i've decided i want to work on my own builds after all :3 good luck with your multiserver market!
  6. Sometimes when I'm looking for a market price, I use your site. I go through the buy list and delete shops that are out of stock until I find someone who is. Entries do get old.
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  7. That's what I've been doing too but only by the item I'm shopping for atm