[HIRING]Resource Pack Editor

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  1. Hey all, I need someone to edit a resource pack for me.

    What I need:
    • I need to get low fire for the resource pack, just a small fire when you hop in lava or just see fire on the ground. I know this is possible with certain addon packs but I have no idea what addons do this and don't feel like searching for hours at different resource packs.
    Resource pack is Faithful 32x for 1.10. Pack listed here on Curse.
    If you can do this, shoot me a PM and your payment can be arranged there.
  2. That's pretty simple, just use whatever resolution of Sphax (in your case x32) and watch a YouTube video on how to swap the fire textures.
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  3. Or... I could pay someone to do that with the rupees I have and never use. I mean, I gotta spend em' on something. :p
  4. I mean it's honestly super simple. I'd do it for free later today.
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