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  1. I need this potion brewer to work on EMC, it wont.

    Im hiring someone to make it able to work on EMC.

    PM me if you can get it to work.

  2. What if you had a dropper pushing into a hopper so it doesn't have to pick it up? that is how mine works.
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  3. Try sticking a second hopper above the one that needs to suck in the dropped item.
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  4. Yea, so the droppers push into the hopper and there is no drop time wait.
  5. Its picking up the items in time now, however the redstone block is still going to fast and is dropping two items per movement.
  6. add another repeater?
  7. Try using a pulse shortener.
  8. If I knew what that was, I wouldnt need to hire a redstoner? xD
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  9. Yeah, or... I can spend my rupees and have someone do that for me. :)