[HIRING] Potions Pricer

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  1. Hello!

    I am currently looking for someone with a decent knowledge of making potions for a good price, since I have added a potions section to the price list "Empire Prices".

    I am paying 5,000 Rupees for all the potions available on EMC to be priced.

    If you are interested, please message me.
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  2. I have some potions u can have a splash potion and a splash fire resistance! i just throw random things in brewing stand and get good potions :)
  3. Check out azoundria.com/emc
    Search an item, it will bring up best places to buy and sell.
  4. Interesting concept but do keep in mind that prices vary heavily per server. Sometimes even per shop ;)

    And well, if you have this baby available then yeah... You can cut your prices even lower if needed because you don't have to put up too much manual labor on making them.
  5. Nice level.

  6. Reviewing prices I saw a lot of items had consistent prices through out most of the SMPs.