Hiring people!

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  1. Right now I'm selling stones/cobble!
    I need to hire more people, so I can speed up the process of getting more stone and cobble( and maybe more people to help me advertise ;) )
    PM me your application, the application should be somethin' like this:

    Minecraft username:
    What do you want to be hired for? Redstoning or getting/selling cobble and stone.
    HOw many hours do you go on each week/day:
    Do you own a fast stone gen?
    Will you be willing to do deliveries for extra rupees?

    I could only accept 2-4 people from every SMP, besides utopia.

    Smp3: xenonrai
    Smp5: snow_freak
    Smp9: ants4235

    If you want to buy stone/cobble, here it is:
    (Obviously the people I hired will get shared an amount of rupees!)
  2. Hired another person, there's still more spaces left, hurry before anyone claims 'em xD