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  1. Need precious and fresh stone everyday to make stone bricks? Or stone slabs? Or maybe just purely for decorations? I make the finest stones for a very low price! All you have to do is PM me and tell me what you want, done, just wait a few days and I'll get it all ready for you.

    I sell:

    1 stack of Stone 50r
    1 stack of CobbleStone 30r
    1DC of stone = 2700 r
    1DC of cobble = 1620 r
    Simple stone gen for 500r
    Simple cobble gen 200r
    Super dooper ( :p) fast cobble gen 400r
    Simple cobble and stone gen 600r!! Discount of 100r
    Super dooper fast cobble AND simple stone gen 700r!! Discount of 200r!
    (The genorators might take a while to make, be patient, maybe do some grinding while our workers are at work? You'll have to give us build permission and maybe use permission if your comfortable, it'll only be for a while ;) )
    You have to pay for genorators BEFORE we build, cause we need to buy materials for the build, after we're done, you don't have to pay us anymore, that's it! :)
    Hopefully more things in the future :)

    What you can trade:

    Coal is worth 5r, if you give me 10 coal, one stack of stone for you!
    Diamonds are worth 50r, give me one and there's one stack of stone!
    Of course you can do somethin' like 1 diamond and 50r for 2 stacks of stone,that's the whole point of this ;)
    Hopefully more things in the future :)

    How to get discounted price:
    5 diamonds for 6 stacks of stone or 9 stacks of cobblestone
    1 stack of coal for 7 stacks of stone or 11 stacks of cobble ( coal is the best deal!)
    For every DC of stone/cobble, you get a discount of 200r!
    Hopefully more things in the future :)

    PM me to make an order, it might take few days to get what you want,but once it's all ready, come to smp 3
    /v xenonrai, or you can pay extra rupees for us to deliver. If you want us to deliver, be ready with the chests.

    I'm going to hire some people from different SMP's, maybe about 2-4. If your interested, I'll mark you down below, and you can choose to do multiple jobs ( e.g redstone and stone/cobble )
    Smp3: Xenonrai ;) redstone, stone/cobble!
    Smp9: ants4235 stone/cobble miner!

    PM me the application if you want to be hired ;)
    Please type something like this:
    Minecraft username:
    What do you want to be hired for? Redstoning or getting/selling cobble and stone.

    How many hours do you go on each week, if you go on everyday type something like " 2 hours everyday"
    Do you own a fast stone gen?

    Will you be willing to do deliveries for extra rupees? You get more rupees depending on how much you have to deliever.

    Which SMP are you from:

    I might need some red stoners for selling genorators, if you reckon your decent and above at redstone, PM me, your job is to advertise and build genorators, and they must either simple, or.....SUPER DOOPER FAST! :p
    For genorator builders:
    Remember that your are going to supply all the redstone and lava/water, but you get payed more than me, just to be fair ;), and red stoners get payed separately, they don't split or share with the miners.

    For miners:
    Remember that you're supplying the silk touch pick/ coal :)

    For everyone that I'm going to hire:
    This process may be slow, but once your dong multiple jobs(yes you can do that) you will get payed pretty handsomely, and don't thin that I'll get all the rupees, I'll probably only get 1/4 of your pay!

    (Any suggestions? PM me! Found any mistakes? Tell me! )
    Edit: going on a vacation starting from 21st of march, will be away for about a month, if there is any orders, PM me, but you'll probably have to wait for a month till you get what you want...xD
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  2. Seems legit. Will order in the future.
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  3. Ok, got about 10 stacks of stone, if there's any orders, I might've able to send stone straight away!
  4. how much stone for 50r?
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  5. I think it's roughly 2,700 a DC, right?

    How many DC's could I order?
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  6. Oh thanks edited that, 1 stack!
    As many as you want xD
  7. Well I upgraded to 1.5 so time isn't really an issue, but if you deliver I'll start out with 5 (13,500) + 300 for vault fees + 300 for delivering (SMP 7)
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  8. 5 double chest of stone? Right on!
  9. Would delivery work for you? 14,100 total
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  10. No prob, set up 5 double chest at our res with signs on 'em saying access, xenonrai, I'll try and get this done in 1-3 days xD
  11. I can't get on til 1.5 update so you can take your time mining it out / filling out other orders
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  12. Oh really? You updated? Ooh, bad timing, I'm going away on a vacation for a month, starting from next is not really....
  13. I guess I can pick up if you'll be away. So it kinda depends on if you'd be comfortable waiting for me to pay when I can get on
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  14. Of course, you have about a month to pay 13.5 k, that'll be a ton of time, but I've been thinking of hiring some people from different SMP's to advertise and sell stone/cobble/other things related, maybe I could get 'em to deliver?
  15. Whatever works best for you on your end. If you have someone else that'll deliver just message me their names
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  16. Editing my post right now, going to hire more people to help.
  17. It'll be 13.1k now, everyone gets a discount of 200r for every DC they order xD
  18. Oh cool, thanks!
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  19. xD added genorators now!
  20. Wait...1.5 update came out, if EMC can update in less than a week, I'll be able to make the delivery for you,if not, it'll be 12500r.