[Hiring] People who have schematic

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  1. hi today im looking for people who need a job and has schematic
    to build a hill i chosed for my res's 8515 on smp4 . the hills will be all sand and some sandstone to hold the hanging pecies. i will have sand for the build on the res but not alot ;p

    the files for the things i need build are here just dont mind the pics they have

    i thought of a price it would be around 20k or more matters how long it takes

    the cords for the sch builds
    1- (X -881/ Y -7/ Z -48) Then rotate it 2 times

    the times to work on it its weekends around 8/9am to 7/8pm matters how long im up till. sometimes during the weekend days i might be out but u can stil lwork on it. And after school for me is around 5p to 7pm

    Msg on this forum or priate message me if u want the job
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  2. I think it will be me who help you, anyone else?
  3. Still looking for someone?
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  4. Nah me and nyhl finshed it