[Hiring] People to Gather Stone, Andesite, Granite, and Diorite

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  1. Hi all, I'm currently remodeling 8 connecting residences and am looking for people to gather Stone (not cobblestone), Andesite, Granite, and Diorite. I'm paying my selling rate, not what I offer to buy but the higher selling rate. For more information/pricing:

    I will give you permission/access to empty DCs where you can place the products. Once you have determine you're done gathering (be it 1 stack or 10 DCs), I'll then count up the 4 types of product you gathered and pay you my selling rate for each type. There is no timeline but be aware that once enough product has been gathered of each type, the offer for that type will be receded/gone. This posting will serve as the agreement and set price. Here are my prices and total (among all participates) DCs needed:
    • Stone, 4 DCs - All 4 DCs for 19,008r, 1 DC for 4,752r, stack of 64 blocks for 88r, 32 blocks for 44r, 16 blocks for 58.5r, and 8 blocks for 29.25r
    • Andesite, 6 DCs - All 4 DCs for 75,816r, 1 DC for 12,636r, stack of 64 blocks for 234r, 32 blocks for 117r, 16 blocks for 22r, and 8 blocks for 11r
    • Granite, 3 DCs - All 4 DCs for 28,512r, 1 DC for 9,504r, stack of 64 blocks for 176r, 32 blocks for 88r, 16 blocks for 44r, and 8 blocks for 22r
    • Diorite, 6 DCs - All 4 DCs for 75,168r, 1 DC for 12,528r, stack of 64 blocks for 232r, 32 blocks for 116r, 16 blocks for 58r, and 8 blocks for 29r
    NOTE: Once all items (per person) is totaled and it is not a whole number (it contains a decimal) it will be rounded up.

    When the number of DCs is met for each type of product, I will add a new post to this thread closing the offer for that specific product.
  2. Hi, I can get you all of the stone, and most or all of the andesite, granite, and diorite. I'll hop on now to see how much I have exactly. :)

    EDIT: I can definitely get you all stone, 5 DCs of andesite, 5 DCs of diorite, and 2 DCs of granite. I'm still looking through my storage to see if I can find a last DC for the andesite/diorite/granite. :)

    EDIT2: I got some more, and have enough to supply you with everything! It's all ready right now. :)
  3. Oh Cool! I'll try to find you in game otherwise let me know how we want to proceed (I can go there and get it or you here). I always get cobble from you, didn't know you had the other
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  4. This request has been fulfilled by TomvanWijnen.

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