[HIRING] Obsidian farming partner

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  1. I've got a foolproof way to get obsidian, but it takes 2 people to make it work. I'll pay 500r per stacks of obsidian yielded by this 2-person method. Just meet me online, and bring means to protect yourself from dying in the nether.
  2. You could always use an obsidian generator, it may be easier. ;)
  3. I'm pretty sure 1.8 has officially broken both the redstone and the string obsidian generator. Mine no longer work. :(
  4. i will work for u
  5. I will work for you
  6. Here is a suggestion. Find a nether waste warp where the stairs go down to lava. Fill up your inventory with empty pails, then scoop lava as far as you can reach from the bottom step. Warp home and turn it into obsidian. When you can't reach any more lava, down or left and right, bring cobblestone and make a covered bridge out from the stairs. Boom, done and 95% safe. 2 cautions, 1 don't fall in, 2 ghasts can still shoot you from the front, other than hitting a pigman, you are good to go. I build the covered bride the whole width of the stairs and 2 high to minimize being hit by ghasts. You don't need to wear armor or carry food, the warp will refill your hunger and heal you when damaged, just run back there when needed. :)
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  7. yes, but i have then i have to turn it into obsidian, and the way i'm using has the obsidian ready-made for me to mine.
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  8. I've done your method before, Evesthery. I think. If you see me on, I'll be happy to do it with you, but I would like to take turns instead of being paid. I've got plenty of Eff V pickaxes. We can trade off grinding 1 stack at a time.
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  9. I didn't see your message in my alert box. I'd be happy to do this with you! It uses nether portals, right?
  10. Yes, portals. Sorry for the slow response. I've been out of town and won't be on for a couple more days. I'll have a good pickaxe ready when I come back.