[Hiring] Melon Lovers

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  1. Do you love melons, rupees, building, or any combination of the three?
    Then this is the job for you!

    Due to other major EMC projects, I will not be able to work on building the Melon Project farm, located at 2222 on smp1. That is why I am hiring people to help start the Empire Melon takeover!

    I am willing to pay over 10k a day to each worker that places a certain amount of blocks, but can be negotiated if you would like to volunteer, can instantly place everything at once, or would like other types of payment(nick5013/Melon heads).

    If you think you think you have what it takes to help the Melon takeover, please apply by starting a conversation with me, including the following:

    Do you like melons?
    How many minutes/hours a day are you able to work on the farm?
    Why should you be trusted?
    How long have you played on the Empire?
    What is an expected pay?
    Do you agree and accept that destroying or building in areas not specified for you to build in/intentionally making the farm harvest is considered griefing with a bad intent and will result in a ban from the residence, and potentially staff punishment?
  2. How much do you consider a head of yours to be worth?
  3. Bump
    I am not 100% sure, but I know that a lot of people want my head. It is the prettiest in all of EMC :]
  4. I might be able to help. Can you give a little more detail and maybe some pics on what I would do?
  5. Bump. I upped the price to up to 10k a day.
    Incase anyone was wondering, it is a very repetitive building process that is pretty easy to do. Every 64 pistons that you place to harvest melons/pumpkins will get you 1k. Everything is supplied.
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    >: (
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  7. Here at Melon Corp., we don't discriminate against workers of different food religions. :]
    Whether or not you like pies, bricks, potatoes, or cakes, we would like the workers to be one with the melon. The melons have attitudes that require special care for these delicate fruits.
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  8. #Bricks4Life
  9. I'm joining because without Nick, the poor regular and orange melons will rot in the sun D: