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  1. Hello I’m hiring employees for my future mega mall, opening in late 2019 or so, this job is very I would say easy/hard beacuse some employees will help costumers and make selling threads about the mall, some will gather resources and give them to me or some suppliers that will put the items in the chest that the items will be held in and then there will be builders but the builders job will only last till the mall Is fully built then will sadly either have to move ya to any other job of fire you. Ok so what you will get payed once the mall is fullly in business (note : you will not get payed any rupees till the mall is in ful business) and this mall in on smp4.

    Ok so the application form witch will you have to post below

    What job your applying for:
    What’s you discord username:
    how long can you spend working (depending on the job and you, some job allow you to work not much time) :
    And finnaly, any thing you need to note for me:

    Ok so the first job is the marketing person, there are 4 work places available, so what you will have to do is sometimes help customers on smp4 or on the forums find certain items in the mega mall, and you will also have to make threds in the selling for certain items, so you will get paid every 3 customer you help 3K and every thread 1500r.

    Next is : the resources gandering needed to make items to sell or get blocks/items to sell
    You will get payed every 100 items you will get payed 5k and every stack of blocks you will get payed 3500r also there is 10 work places available currently.

    Next is: supplying job, this job is very easy beacuse it’s gonna be taking items out of shucker boxes and putting them in certain chests, you will get payed every hour you work 5k rupees, There are 3 work places available.

    Building application:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1...SB0l-iRmEkwgXLOyQtvRghqg/viewform?usp=sf_link

    Ok some other notes each worker will get 25% of every item in the store just gotta pm me or the store manager gaming_comander.

    Thank ya-
  2. I'm applying for the
    Marketing person
    My discord is belac555
    And other notes well i am not able to get on very often so i could be making tons of threads but i wouldn't be able to get in game very often
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  3. Thank ya, you live be pm’d around May 2019 and invited to the discord server!
  4. Awesome sounds good
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  5. Bumped, still going still needing employees
  6. Bump, bumpead bump
  7. I’m so sorry I mall has been changed and then new ready time would be late 2019, so I’ll pm about, I would say early November 2019
  8. Ok thats fine just pm me when im needed
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  9. Good luck with your mega mall!
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  10. Position applying for: gathering of resources
    discord: Blazethekid8#7393
    Hours I can work: depending on school 2-6 hours
    I can mine for alot of ores, depends on what they are, how much I can provide
  11. Heya Arieskidatheart,
    I just realized the payments are really big. Your accepted for the job, just note you mit not get the hours you have to invest in the Benny mall. You will be Pm,Ed as soon as a need you :)
  12. Alright, just hit me up, I can get all minerals, ores, and mice blocks. Depends on the block for the quantity you will get in x amount of hours :》
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  13. Mics.*
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  14. A suggestion would be the quantity of blocks I am able to acquire in a certain time period would equal payment?
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  15. Wow that’s a great idea!
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