[Hiring] Interior decorator

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  1. I need someone to decorate the inside of my shop. I can either provide payment or simply an exchange if you would want something in return. I would like screenshots of other things you've done, so private message me, or post them in this thread. If you want to see what you'll be working with, go to smp6 and go to /v 12087. I also have screenshots available if you do not feel like going in game.
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  2. Hi Phelps4,
    I would be happy to decorate your mall for free, and if ya need anymore help with stuff, I would be happy too
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  3. It isn't necessarily a mall, its just a small shop. If you have some ideas, feel free to let me know in a message
  4. Do you still looking for help with interior decorating?

    If so, I'm a builder; check out /v +Foxyhollow on Utopia for some ideas of what I'm capable of :D
  5. I can help as well

    you can check out /v belac555 on smp3 for some ideas
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  6. ^
    (But it is Halloween themed. The mansion has the most interior deco)
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  7. Are you online right now? I can get on at 11:30am EMC time