[HIRING] I need workers for my mall to restock

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  1. I am looking for trust worthy people that I can trust and people that would be interested in restocking my mall for me when things are low or just stocking it to make sure everything is stocked. I WILL pay people to do this. Please, please, please message me for more details. Thanks! :p
  2. AmusedStew Sand Co. can supply your mall with sand related products that are listed in the thread. Just submit an order for what your mall needs and I will get right on it!
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  3. If you hire me I could restock stone related items, but, as a warning im not always on due to stuff IRL.

    EDIT: you can trust me.
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  4. Whatever you need just ask! I sell a lot of random crap at both my shops, so... Buy away! ( I can help you though if you need it., again just ask!)
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  5. Can help with a restock...just let me know what you need. How's about a week try out on the job. Then you decide if I work the way you need.
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  6. Im really sorry, I just now read this and I would love for your help. Just stop by on smp7 (I will most likely be on) and come talk to me, Thank you so much!
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  7. Will stop by later....I usually play late night so if this is a problem let me know.
  8. Same.
  9. No that is great!!
  10. Justin can you set up a couple of DC with perms for Us to put the goods in?? That way we can drop off for you and not have to worry about times to be on??