(Hiring Hunters) Lost a house

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  1. So I made a place out in the wild and I lost it. It apparently has value to me as I want to know its location. I have zero idea as to what smp or direction it's in. It is near water and it's done in buildmode i think.

    I'll pay 100k to any player that is first to find it and pm me the coords. Please if you don't want the rupees just go find it and snap a shot of you on the porch and leave it here to tease me in a fun way.

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  2. I know you don't remember the location or smp, but do you remember anything at all about it? Also, what is the timestamp of those screenshots?
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  3. Looks neat! I'll for sure keep an eye out when wandering around xD
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  4. May of 2017, so I'm gonna say that it's probably built in buildmode.
  5. do you remember if it was far from spawn/center, like lost in the wild, or not that far?
  6. Still looking for this bad boy? Maybe I could be of assistance.
  7. Did you put in a locked chest that you could check your rupee history for?
  8. Here's an off-hand suggestion: Do you happen to remember any particular conversations you might have had while you were there? If so, you could check you chat logs, which will also tell you which smp it was.
  9. I totally forgot about this haha maybe one of these days I'll go on a quest to find this treasure xD
  10. the troll is real in this one
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  11. Challenge accepted!
  12. Could you go to your chat logs for the day these screenshots were taken and find out what SMPs you connected to that day?
  13. I’m not sure they are able to use the system like that?
  14. If you go to that day, all of the in-game text will appear, including the welcome message when you connect to the SMP.
  15. No, I mean I don’t think they are allowed to use the system that way
  16. You can do it through game file logs is what they're trying to say I think.
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