[Hiring] Grinder Builder

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  1. I am in need of a reliable grinder constructor. I have a blaze spawner, and alot of cave spider spawners. Pay is negotiable.

    Player must be:

    -Willing to travel 5k+ into wild
    - Keep locations Secret :p

    A bonus if the player is on SMP9 or wishes to stay, they can be apart of the wild community that this is part of, and have unlimited use of the spawners/grinders.
  2. Are you providing materials because i could do the cave spider spawners pretty easily and 5k blocks is no biggie
  3. I can do multi cavespider spawners and ethoslab blaze spawner.
    i will provide my own materials and 5k is no problem.
    will you want them to be xp grinders or just regular grinders. i can do either
  4. Also what are you considering paying
  5. i could do it free because im bored but im not so experienced
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  6. I can make an Etho spawner, and i've never tried a cave spider spawner. I could probably do it all. Also, 5k blocks is no problem, i'll just need to be supplied with stuff like redstone and pistons :p I don't care what you pay me for it, as long as it's over 1k.
  7. Probably means that you two cant do it, as you guys cant use /map hide.
    Arent you that kid who spawned a million-something nukes on that tekkit server?...
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  8. no i was there when it happened it was world edit glitching
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  9. Yeah I still cant find what caused that, I've been searching through WorldEdit and nothing happens normally unless its just tekkit
  10. prob just tekkit
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  11. it was 3 million to be exact
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  13. From what i heard, Jeanz had command-log evidence of you spawning it with the world edit command...
  14. PM me and jeanz we can talk there.
  15. Nah, no need to spread anything! No more off topicness, starting now haha:)
  16. lets get on topic now
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  18. well the blaze grinder is built.. but there is still a large cave spider grinder that can be built. It really comes down to who wants to do it more. :)
  19. Than don't say it in public...