[HIRING] Graphic Artist

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  1. Disclaimer: This Has Been Cleared By chickeneer

    Due to me lacking seriously on photo-editing skills I would
    like to hire a graphic artist to make a banner and other things for
    my personal server. I will PM all the details to you.
    Pay is negotiable upon delivery, and even if I do not
    decide to use it I will still pay you for your time and trouble.
  2. Bump for the night!
  3. no way you are not allowed to advertise other servers on emc!
  4. Did you not read his red text?
  5. How is he doing that?
  6. I would also like this question answered
  7. Clones :O
  8. Nah, nah, nah. Pen is my alt.
  9. I agree, me.
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  10. But you are more useful as a Pen than a Toaster
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  11. I would recommend nfell2009, JackBiggin or jimbonothing64. All of them do some good stuff.
  12. I actually want to be a graphic artist when I grow up, but, maybe later.
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  13. I still need help for this please :)