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  1. Hello everyone
    I've made a Wheel of Rupees redstone game at 1112.
    For that i need a few guys to help me out running the machine.
    You need to supply your OWN rupees, as in you need to pay out winnings, but you also get whatever the player looses.

    Every dealer is required to accept any bets between 200r and 20,000r.
    You may not cheat anyone. (if you do so, the EMC staff team will most likely ban you from scamming, and i will kick you out of the service)
    Be mature when dealing, lose and win with the same mind.


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  2. Please welcome ninjaboy5656 as an authorized dealer @ Galeries La Grandiosa.
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  3. Please welcome xHaro_Der as an authorized dealer @ Galeries La Grandiosa.
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  4. What do you need to do when running this?
  5. You need to accept any bid between 200-20000r
    You need to spin the wheel.
    You need to return whatever amount the wheel says.
  6. Sad but true...
    Bye to xHaro_Der as a dealer at the Faith Inc. Wheel of Rupees.
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  7. Ignore my application ;p
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  8. Please welcome Runningrhino as an authorized dealer @ Galeries La Grandiosa.
  9. Still in need of 4 more dealers, applyyyy :D!
  10. We don't get payed..?
  11. No, I don't think so. You do get what the player loses though, of course.