[Hiring]Fix my spawner

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  1. So.... I couldn't find AC's post any where.

    Does any of you guys knows how to make a etho's design spawner?
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  2. Pm him, you might get a faster response.
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  3. Of Blaze spawner's or what kind?
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  4. What is wrong with the spawner? What state is it in?
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  5. Its Kinda broken, I mean I only get about 15 lvl of exp added together in an hour! 2 weeks ago It does 20lvl of exp EACH!
    It's is a skeleton one with zombie
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  6. It could be because the server mobs are backed up. People leaving there spawners running, limiting the amount of mobs spawning elsewhere.
  7. Yeah; it may be just because of the bugs with mob spawning/movement. It sounds like it.

    I wonder if a moderator - probably shaunwhite1982 - could check it for us, and see if it is due to the current-known system bugs? I'll ask him.

    Because if your problems are due to the current known issues, you shouldn't waste money.

    If it's not because of that, then I'm sure there are some people who can help - including me.

    Let's see if Shaun will comment...
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  8. There are no mobs issues anymore, those were fixed. If the grinder was not changed, then it's hardly that anything is wrong with it.
    You're probably just grinding at a bad time, when other folks are also at grinders.
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  9. Nah, there are ongoing issues, serial. It comes and goes, but just 2 days ago Utopia had to be rebooted as my skellys were doing a kind-of "two step shuffle" back and forth; as recently as yesterday some of us saw problems in front of us, and I was chatting to Shaun about it.
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  10. I took a look at a couple of spawners on smp2, and they do seem to be suffering from the same issues that we had troubles with on Utopia for a few days. I would recommend waiting until we get this issue nailed down before attempting to fix an unbroken spawner. :)
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  11. Hmm, allright I'll ask my skellies what they have to say about it. :p

    EDIT: Skellies are working fine on smp9 :p
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  12. I'll reply to your PM as soon as the issue Shaun fixed is solved, what exactly is the problem though?
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