[HIRING] Dirt Diggers Inc.

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  1. I am hiring for The dirt diggers inc. READ THIS! Do not pm me if you want to be hired!

    Co-captain- kyle12cu1,Scorpio528,jrescig
    Build Leader-minemanluke

    Only post here if you want to be hired go here if you want to have a project done:http://empireminecraft.com/threads/the-dirt-diggers-inc.39221/
  2. May I be Co-Captain?
  3. Bump come on no one wants to join?
  4. Can I be Co-Captain if you need 4 more?
  5. I'll join!
  6. Can I be one of the co-captains?
  7. I would like to be a worker
  8. id like to join, and be a enchanter :D
  9. I'll sign up. Any possibility of being a floater? (eg float between positions when required)
  10. Can I be a build leader?
  11. Up dating the op now
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