The dirt diggers inc.

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  1. I am starting a business so here's what im doing ill dig dirt from surface to bedrock

    1-5 layers of dirt = 1-3.5k
    6-10 layers of dirt = 3.6-7k
    11-15 layers of dirt = 7.1-10.7k
    16-20 layers of dirt = 10.8-14k
    21-25 layers of dirt = 14.1-16.8k
    26-30 layers of dirt = 16.9-20.1k
    30-35 layers of dirt = 20.2-25k
    36-40 layers of dirt = 25.1-28.4k
    41-bedrock = 28.5-50k

    Visit: If you want to be hired to the dirt diggers =D
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  2. So 50k for a whole res dug out?
  3. Yes it may be a few days
    And i forgot to say please post your order here
  4. Please dont pm me if i get too many at once it is hard to control so please post if you want a project or to be hired here ill make a new post if you want to be hired
  5. Why exactly are there price ranges, is it utopian and regular?
  6. I got around 35 layers to dig but can't afford the 25k.
  7. I'll dig if u need a digger
  8. You can pay for a lower amount of layers and also do the left over lays with that price like pay for 15 layers
    Then pay for 10 more layers
  9. I've already dug it all.
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  11. is this still thing?
  12. Bump agian!