[HIRING] Designers & Redstoners - Talented, Builders - All experience levels. Great Pay.

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    EDIT: Still Looking for More Designers.

    If this looks familiar, it's because it is. I'm reviving an old idea. If you are looking for some work then check out these 3 positions, we need multiple people for each!:

    • DESIGNERS - You will be in charge of designing, in a creative world, a build for a client. Must be timely, open to criticism, and experienced in making aesthetic builds. This position requires talent, but pays well. I take care of all of the business stuff, you just get to build!
    • BUILDERS - If you can be expected to keep your word and come to work on time, that's all you need. Must be able to copy exactly a build on a singleplayer creative world onto EMC. Must be able to work both in Wilderness and in Town (you get a bonus for Wilderness work, however). Emphasized hard work and timeliness. This is a perfect job for someone new to the server.
    • REDSTONE BUILDERS - Same as builders, but focused on complex redstone mechanics. Experience required. Emphasis on hard work and timeliness.
    I've also in mind a few smaller/stranger positions.

    • Redstone designers — must be VERY good; able to design very complex logic circuits. I'm not sure if anyone here can, but if you are who I am looking for PM me.
    • Experienced Builders — For large builds, there is a position for "Head Builder". If you have experience building tricky builds and managing teams this could be for you!
    Some pay examples:

    • A megamall (4 levels, 50x50) would get you around 13,000r per builder, you being responsible for ~ 1/8 of the build.
    • A Designer would make ~112,000r off of that.
    • A small house (2 levels, 20x20) would get you around 30,000r, being responsible for the whole build.
    • A Designer would make ~57,000r off of that.
    • An undecorated auto potion brewer would get you ~21,000r.
    If I hire you, you will receive info on a deal once and awhile. If you decide you want to do it, we'll set you up with the client and you will be expected to do your job in a timely manner. There is no guarantee for you to get work, but also the requirements on how much or little work you pick up is largely left to you. There will be some exclusivity stuff but it's negotiable.
    PM ME or POST BELOW if you are interested in any position.
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  2. Just going to point out that the designer and builder costs are very low... Not many will go through the effort for that low of a cost..

    And most redstone builders and designers will prefer to be a client rather than an employee,
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  3. They are clients actually, it's a bit weird.

    I might raise prices. Thanks for the tip — I've not been paying enough attention to this market.
  4. https://empireminecraft.com/threads/service-eclipsys-master-building-services-2-0.26387/#post-505805
    That is a link to another building service. As you can see, prices for building/designing are pretty high. You might be able to use that as a baseline. Obviously pay wouldn't be that big per employee but still a good resource for prices.
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  5. PRICES RAISED! Especially for Designers and solo builders.

    I've already signed up quite a few people, but I need MOAR.

    Please feel free to PM Me if interested.
  6. Ok Trapper you can do /v +sl Now
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  7. Bump!

    Still need a few more builders, redstoners, and especially designers!
  8. I'm a expirenced Redstoner, my specialty is auto sorters and 2x6 piston doors, I can learn anything tho :p
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