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  1. That album there is of my messy first res. I plan on making a small bulk shop for items I get easy, but cannot with this mess. I am looking for someone to level the res to normal level and have it all flat grass on normal level. I want the iron block tower and flower farms etc broken.

    All items must be moved / broken down and placed into the chests in the last picture which is located on the same res at (4041@storage).

    • 100+ Days on EMC
    • Agree not to steal anything
    • Agree to finish the job
    • PM me to get the job
    Thanks guys! :)
  2. Sure, I could do that I guess.
  3. I like tearing down things xD
    I'll do it if you havent already hired someone
  4. remember when i did this on your utopian res?
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  5. Is the job finished? Or do you still need help?
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  6. It's long done
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.