[Hiring] Building Excavators

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  1. Currently trying to tear down my shop my shop at 3794, I'm looking for people to help. There was a good start to the project yesterday, but some things didn't get torn down all the way at the top which is gonna take some extra time. So, Im hiring...
    What: Residence 3794, Smp2 shop demolishment
    What you need: Diamond Pickaxe (unless I have something otherwise)
    Payment: 1k per floor torn down.
    Conditions: I receive all items that are used in the excavation.

    Please help, I don't want the place looking like a greifers land :p
  2. I can help you either today or tomorrow if you want!
  3. If you're on now I can chip in :)
  4. lol the funny this is, there are people on smp2 atm saying it got griefed :p
  5. i can help whenever im on :3
  6. XD let the story rage on, everyone I will be on tomorrow to help
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  7. If more still needs to be torn down, I will be willing to help. Will I need to bring my own tools? Or will you supply those?
  8. Ok lets make a plan here, some work that got done the wrong way yesterday needs to be repaired, it might take a little bit of time. If we can get 3 floors torn down tomorrow evening that would be great. Ark, Chizmaro, MrBigBux and others, would it be ok if all of you would meet at 3794 tomorrow at 8 PM EST?
  9. I might be able to meet you at 8:15-8:20PM EST. Would that be ok?
  10. I cannot help sorry.
  11. K I will be on then
  12. I am on now.
  13. Sorry I was late, if you are still on I could use the help. :)